And they kept saying, “Is this not Jesus the son of Joseph?”   - St. John 6:42

Composed by St Pius X: O Joseph, virgin father of Jesus, pure spouse of the Virgin Mary, pray for us daily to the Son of God, that, armed with the weapons of His grace, we may fight as we ought in life, and be crowned by Him in death. + Amen.

St. Francis de Sales:  I find nothing sweeter to my imagination than to see little Jesus in the arms of great Saint Joseph calling him father in childlike words and with an absolute filial and loving heart.


St. Peter Julian Eymard:  When Joseph carried the Child in his arms, acts of loving faith welled up constantly in his heart. It was a worship that pleased our Lord more than that which he receives in heaven. Picture, for yourself, Saint Joseph adoring the little Child in his arms as his God. He tells of his readiness to die for Christ, of all his plans to promote Christ’s glory, and to win more souls to his love. No lover builds more scintillating plans for his loved one than a saint. The purer and simpler a soul, the more magnificent its love and adoration. Adore the Word present on the altar, born as a little Child for you; no matter what you do, your adoration will never equal in worth that of Saint Joseph. Join with his merits. A soul that loves God offers everything to Him in love and God listens to such a soul, which is worth a thousand others.


Blessed Pope Pius IX, Quemadmodum Deus: Him whom countless kings and prophets had desired to see, Joseph not only saw but conversed with, and embraced in paternal affection, and kissed. He most diligently reared Him... Because of this sublime dignity which God conferred on his most faithful servant, the Church has always most highly honored and praised blessed Joseph.

St. Peter Julian Eymard: In profound adoration St. Joseph, united himself to the special grace of each one of the events in the life of Jesus. He adored Our Lord in His hidden life... He adored in advance the Eucharistic Christ in His tabernacles: there was nothing that Our Lord could hide from Saint Joseph. Aside from the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph was the first and most perfect adorer of Our Lord.

Pope Benedict XVI, Angelus Message, 18 December 2005:  I would like to turn my gaze to the figure of St. Joseph. In today's Gospel St. Luke presents the Virgin Mary as "a virgin betrothed to a man named Joseph, of the house of David" (Lk 1: 27). The Evangelist Matthew, however, places a greater emphasis on the putative father of Jesus, stressing that through him the Child belonged legally to the lineage of David and thus fulfilled the Scriptural prophecy that the Messiah would be a "Son of David". But Joseph's role cannot be reduced to this legal aspect. He was the model of a "just" man (Mt 1: 19) who, in perfect harmony with his wife, welcomed the Son of God made man and watched over his human growth. It is therefore particularly appropriate to establish a sort of spiritual conversation with St. Joseph, so that he may help us live to the full this great mystery of faith.


St.  Ephrem:  Blessed are you, O just Joseph, for He who became a child grew up at your side taking you for His model; (The Word) lived under your roof, though never leaving the Father. Blessed are the names He has taken in his love: He who was the Son of the Father is called son of David, son of Joseph.


Pope Benedict XVI, Address, 19 March 2011:  St. Joseph, my personal patron and the patron of the Holy Church is a humble saint, a humble worker, who was made worthy to be the guardian of the Redeemer. St. Matthew characterizes St. Joseph with one word: "He was a just man," … and in the Old Testament, as we find it for example in Psalm 1, "just" is the man who is immersed in the Word of God, who lives in the Word of God, who lives the Law … as a "joy", who lives - we could say - the Law as "Gospel." St. Joseph was just, he was immersed in the Word of God, written, transmitted in the wisdom of his people, and precisely in this way was prepared and called to know the Incarnate Word - the Word who came among us as a man - and predestined to care for, to protect this Incarnate Word; this remains his mission forever: to care for the Holy Church and Our Lord. We entrust ourselves in this moment to his care, we pray that he help us in our humble service. We go forward in courage under this protection.

Pope Benedict XVI, Yaoundé, Cameroon, 18 March 2009:  There is but one fatherhood, that of God the Father, the one Creator of the world, “of all that is seen and unseen”. Yet man, created in the image of God, has been granted a share in this one paternity of God (cf. Eph 3:15). Saint Joseph is a striking case of this, since he is a father, without fatherhood according to the flesh. He is not the biological father of Jesus, whose Father is God alone, and yet he lives his fatherhood fully and completely. To be a father means above all to be at the service of life and growth. Saint Joseph, in this sense, gave proof of great devotion. For the sake of Christ he experienced persecution, exile and the poverty which this entails. He had to settle far from his native town. His only reward was to be with Christ. His readiness to do all these things illustrates the words of Saint Paul: “It is Christ the Lord whom you serve” (Col 3:24).


St. Francis de Sales:  If princes of this world are most careful in choosing tutors for their sons, taking pains to secure the best that can be found, do you think that God did not select the man who was the most perfectly qualified to be the guardian of His eternal Son, the Lord of heaven and earth?


Pope Leo XIII, Quamquam Pluries: Joseph shines among all mankind by the most august dignity, since by Divine Will, he was the guardian of the Son of God and reputed as His father among men. Hence it came about that the Word of God was humbly subject to Joseph, that He obeyed him, and that He rendered to him all those offices that children are bound to render to their parents.


St. Bernardino of Siena:  Saint Joseph served the Incarnate Word with perfect fidelity. Think of the lively faith which inspired his uninterrupted contemplation of the Divinity of the Christ Child; think of the love and faith which he adored his God hidden in this little Child Whom he held in his arms and carried about always with the respect due to God. And when the Child had grown a little, notice how Joseph follows attentively every one of His movements, His gestures, His acts, and His works.


St. Peter Julian Eymard:  St. Joseph worshiped Jesus as no saint before had done. From his deep, calm soul he poured out a very ocean of love - tenderest love, humblest love… No angel might love Jesus as Joseph loved Him, as Joseph was bound to love Him. No temporal love but Mary's could be more like an eternal love than the love of Joseph for the Child, because of its likeness to the love of the everlasting Father.

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