The St. Joseph Rosary is a private devotion to which no indulgences are attached. This St. Joseph Rosary may be prayed as a 1 decade Chaplet while meditating on one of the mysteries. This devotion is not meant to replace, or deter the faithful from, the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 


Predestined to be the Most Chaste Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, ordained as Virgin-Father of the Son of God, and proclaimed Patron of the Mystical Body of Christ - the Roman Catholic Church, St Joseph's role in the salvation of mankind was to be hidden for nearly 2 millennia. It wasn't until the late 16th century that Almighty God allowed His faithful servant to truly emerge from the shadows.

The reason for this late allowance is simple. The first 1000 years of Christianity were focused on getting to know Our Saviour Jesus Christ - His true identity as God incarnate – God-made- man, thereby understanding the Most Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as well as the rising up of His Church on Earth. 

With the relationship between God and His Church established, and the doctrines and customs of Christianity having been set, it was time for us to get to know the Mother of God - the Blessed Virgin Mary. Her role in the salvific plan was explored, which led us to meditate on the life and glory of Our Lord from another perspective - with her as our maternal guide.

Toward the latter half of the 1st millennium, the Church began to discover who St. Joseph of Nazareth was. The image and story of St. Joseph has long been regulated to being a foot-note to the story of our faith and he has been “hidden” from us for so long that many in the Church fail to comprehend this man who was much beloved by God. He was the man closest to Christ on Earth and is still at His side in the glory of Heaven.

With the St. Joseph Rosary we may further contemplate the miraculous works of almighty God through His humble servant St. Joseph - meditating and praying in union with the man chosen by God Himself to be His father on Earth.