I have discovered that the Most High accorded to St. Joseph, because of his great sanctity, certain privileges in favor of those who choose him for their intercessor, and who invoke him with devotion.

The first is, to obtain the virtue of chastity, and to be withdrawn from the danger of losing it; the second, to receive powerful assistance to be freed from sin and to recover the grace of God ; the third, to acquire, by his means, devotion for our Blessed Lady, and dispositions to receive her favors ; the fourth, to obtain a happy death and a special protection against the demons at this last hour ; the fifth, to intimidate the enemies of our salvation by pronouncing the name of St. Joseph ; the sixth, to obtain health of body and consolation in affliction; the seventh privilege to have, by his intercession, successors in families.

God grants all these favors, and many more to those who ask for them as they ought, in the name of St. Joseph, spouse of the Blessed Virgin ; and I entreat all the faithful children of the Holy Church to have a great devotion for this great saint, and to be persuaded that they will become sensible of the favorable effects of his protection, if they will dispose themselves worthily to merit and to receive them.

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