“To him who thirsts I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely.” – Revelation 21:6

On June 7th of 1660, a shepherd of 22 years of age named Gaspard Ricard, was herding his sheep to the east side of Mount Bessillon. At roughly 1pm the heat grew stronger and harder to bear. Very tired and thirsty, he decided to lay upon the rocky ground for a rest when suddenly a tall man stood next to him and pointed to a nearby rock saying: “I am Joseph, lift the rock and you will drink.” The startled young man saw that the large rock looked heavy, stating that it would take about eight men to move it. He asked how he would be able to do this alone s there were no other men around besides him. St Joseph reiterated his instruction to lift the rock. Gaspard obeyed and, moving the rock, found fresh water flowing from underneath. He began to drink excitedly and looking up he found that St Joseph had disappeared. With haste he ran into town exclaiming this news to the villagers and within three hours the small spring of water had now become a fountain of overabundant water.

It is interesting to note that St Joseph had nothing else to say besides his simple instruction to lift the rock and drink. But in the absence of words, he has told us much. Water is the sign of healing and new life in the Roman Catholic Church and here we are shown that Joseph pointed to this source of water. He is given to us as an intercessor, leading us to drink of the fountain of life in Jesus.

As a result of these occurrences, King Louis XIV (1638-1715) decreed that day to be a holiday and, after making his own pilgrimage to this place, he consecrated France - as well as himself – to St Joseph. These waters which sprang forth in Cotignac, France, would become a sign of hope for many people as these waters have curative properties for both the body and the soul. There now stands at that place a sanctuary dedicated to the honor of St Joseph. One of the documented miracles that took place was recorded in 1662 by a priest who had gone there the previous year.

“The waters of St Joseph bring miracles. Since I returned, a man whom we know from Avignon, born lame, went to the spring and came back cured, having left his crutches there. Everyone drinks and carries away the water.”  – Father Allard of the Oratory, 1662

In the 16th Century there arose a devotion called “The Seven Our Fathers of Saint Joseph”, which would later be known as “The Seven Sorrows and Joys”. The devotion as it appears today is credited to Blessed Gennaro Sarnelli (1702-1744). Below is related the brief story of how this devotion came to be requested by St. Joseph himself:

There were once two priests of the Franciscan order who were sailing along the coast of Flanders. A terrible tempest arose, sinking the ship along with 300 passengers. The two Fathers grabbed hold of a nearby plank, embracing it for dear life, as they were tossed about in the violent waves for three days and three nights. All the while the two men had recourse to St. Joseph, praying and begging for his assistance, to save them in the name of God from their most helpless and dire situation.

On the third day someone came to their aide, appearing as a most radiant man, encouraging them to have faith and to continue to confide in St. Joseph. The mysterious man safely conducted them into a harbor much to the happiness and relief of the two priests. Upon arriving safely, they thanked him repeatedly and asked for the name of the man who had just saved their lives. The man revealed to them that he was none other than St. Joseph—the one to whom they had prayed all this time.

The two priests wanting to extend some form of honour or respect to the saint for all that he had done for them, asked what they could do to show their gratefulness. St. Joseph told them to honour him thusly: to recite daily the “Our Father” and “Hail Mary” seven times while meditating on his seven sorrows and seven joys. After advising them, he disappeared as mysteriously as he had come.

St Gertrude the Great:  I saw Heaven opened and St Joseph sitting upon a magnificent throne. I felt myself wonderfully affected when, each time his name was mentioned, all the Saints made a profound inclination toward him, showing by the serenity and sweetness of their looks that they rejoiced with him on account of his exalted dignity.

Blessed Catherine de St. Augustin:  I saw a very august procession of blessed souls... St John the Baptist was at the head and carried a white banner, white as snow, on which was written in large red characters these words: Ecce Agnus Dei, ecce qui tollit peccata mundi. … This procession seemed to rise in the air, and the King of glory, in the centre of this entire troop, was taken up in an admirable way by His proper virtue. I followed as much as I could and my spirit accompanied Him… St Joseph was the closest at the entrance of the eternal gates, and it was he, it seemed to me, who spoke first to the Most August Trinity; and addressing himself to the person of the Father, after the most sacred Humanity was put into its appointed place, said to Him in a language of the blessed:

“This talent has profited so much that not only do I return it to You doubled, but You see this multitude that it has acquired; I return all to You and offer it to You.”

The Eternal Father then not only set him over a great many people, but even said to him:  “Faithful servant! Since you were the steward of My house on earth, I want you to command here and to have all power."  The Son Himself gave him power over Him, all King of glory that He was, and wanted him to have the honor of commanding Him.

Then, hence, turning to Saint Joseph, I said to him: “Great saint, I am one of yours; ask of the King of glory that through all eternity I not be separated from His love. He will refuse you nothing on His ascension.”

 "Be still and see that I am God" - Psalm 45:11 (Douay-Rheims)

At 8pm on August 21st 1879, a diverse group of fifteen people (including men, women and children), beheld a silent vision of Our Lady – with hands and eyes raised toward Heaven, wearing a crown upon her head, St Joseph – robed in white with hands joined and head bowed and St John the Evangelist – wearing a Bishop’s mitre and holding a large Bible. They appeared at the south gable of the Knock Parish Church in a blaze of glorious light. Behind them, to the left of St John, was a simple altar with a Cross standing on it, with a Lamb (traditional symbol of Jesus Christ – the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world) at the foot of the Cross. Adoring at the altar was a group of angels.

St Joseph appeared to be close to middle-age with hints of gray in his hair. He was clothed in white robes, standing bare-foot at the Virgin Mary’s right-hand side. His head was inclined forward and appeared to be paying his respects to his Blessed Spouse, and adoring the Lamb on the altar, his hands joined in prayer. He was the figure of humility and of a gentle disposition, in contemplation of the Holy Virgin and the Lamb of God. He is showing us to have reverence for the Mass and to honor the Mother of God. We must be like St Joseph in his humility ad prayerfulness, setting aside our trials and distractions to spend more time in contemplation of God and His works.

Sister Lucia dos Santos: After Our Lady had disappeared into the immense distance of the firmament, we beheld St. Joseph with the Child Jesus and Our Lady robed in white with a blue mantle, beside the sun. St. Joseph and the Child Jesus appeared to bless the world, for they traced the Sign of the Cross with their hands. When, a little later, this apparition disappeared, I saw Our Lord and Our Lady; it seemed to me that it was Our Lady of Dolors. Our Lord appeared to bless the world in the same manner as St. Joseph had done. This apparition also vanished, and I saw Our Lady once more, this time resembling Our Lady of Carmel.

I was favored with a unique and marvelous vision of the glorious St. Joseph. He seemed suspended, as it were, a short distance above what had the appearance of a large globe with clouds moving about it. His head was slightly raised, the eyes gazing upward as if in ecstasy. The hands were in a position similar to that of the priest during the celebration of Holy Mass, only they extended upward somewhat more… His appearance, though quite youthful, gave at the same time the impression of rare maturity combined with great strength… The lines of his face appeared strong and purposeful, softened somewhat by a gentle serenity. I also saw his most pure heart at this time.

Moreover, I saw the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove hovering above his head. Standing sideways, facing each other, were two angels, one on the right, the other on the left. Each carried what appeared to be a small pillow in a satin covering, the pillow on the right bearing a gold crown, the one on the left, a gold scepter. The angels were all white, even their faces and hair. It was a beautiful whiteness that reminded me of the stainlessness of heaven. Then I heard these words: “Thus should he be honored whom the King desires to honor.”  (Click here for more)

25.12.96 Edson Glauber (the visionary):

After I had finished praying the Rosary, I had a very beautiful vision of Our Lady and St. Joseph with the Child Jesus:

The three appeared dressed in robes of clearest and purest gold. Jesus and Our Lady showed their Sacred Hearts and pointed, with their hands, to the Heart of St. Joseph, which appeared surrounded by twelve white lilies and, within it, the Cross of Christ which surmounted the letter “M" (for Mary), formed as though by wounds.

The twelve white lilies represent the purity and holiness of the Heart of St. Joseph: who has always been pure, chaste and holy to the greatest degree. The twelve lilies also represent the twelve tribes of Israel, one of which was the House of the patriarch Joseph.

The Cross and the "M" of Mary inscribed in the Heart of St. Joseph, represents his devoted and wholehearted love for Jesus and Mary. They are formed by wounds because St. Joseph shared in the sufferings of Jesus and Mary, also participating in the ministry of redemption.

From the Hearts of Jesus and Mary rays of light shine towards the Heart of St. Joseph. These rays represent the love of the Triune Holy Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, just as the Holy Trinity is one and triune in love. The rays from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary direct us towards the Heart of St. Joseph in order to show us that he received all the graces and virtues of their most holy Hearts. For Jesus and Mary shared all with him and did not deny him anything, in gratitude for the devotedness of St. Joseph to them.

The rays coming out of the Heart of St. Joseph are all the graces, virtues, and holy love, which he received from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, which he now pours forth over all those who invoke the aid of his Most Chaste Heart. This triune devotion of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, united in one love, glorify the Holy Trinity: one and triune.

Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin ask us to put into practice this devotion, so that the Holy Spirit can bring about the fastest possible Second Pentecost, shedding its grace, its pure light and flames of love over all of sinful humanity, already swooning because of sin, reviving it and giving it new life, sanctifying mankind completely as with the Holy Family of Nazareth.

The Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph comes to defend us, just as he defended the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary from the enemy while still living on earth. And now, with this devotion to the pure and chaste heart, the Lord asks for the collaboration of St. Joseph, that he destroy all the pitfalls and persecutions of Satan and his evil angels, that he protect the whole Church with the graces and blessings spouting from his heart in these last times as we are locked in this great struggle between good and evil.    (CLICK HERE FOR MORE)

In addition to receiving visions and messages from “Jesus” and “Mary”, the so-called visionary Marcos Thaddeus also receives messages from “St Joseph”. “St Joseph’s” messages, along with those of “Jesus” and “Mary” contain heresy, therefore these apparitions are deemed FALSE.  Whether the “visionary” is suffering from mental illness, given to hallucinations or just plain making up stories, has not been determined.  Bishop of S. Andre, Sao Paulo, Brazil declares: Jacarei "Apparitions" of Jesus, Mary and Joseph are NOT OF SUPERNATURAL ORIGIN!

Below are excerpts from the Statement of Bishop Dom Jose' Nelson Westrupp of S. Andre, Sao Paulo, Brazil, REGARDING THE ALLEGED APPARITIONS AT JACAREI, BRAZIL, dated February 11, 2011. 


The purpose of this is to provide information about the activities of young Marcos Thadeu Teixeira (Marquinho). After serious and careful discernment of his writings (visions, inner locutions) our current position is as follows:

Although it is evident that Marcos Thadeu has a deep devotion to the Heart of Jesus and Our Lady, the messages which he claims to have received from Jesus and Mary are not of a supernatural nature. There are several expressions that flatly contradict this possibility by showing that these messages / locutions come from the author's own thoughts and feelings. Theology does not teach: through Jesus to Mary (as taught in the messages of Jacarei), but rather: to Jesus through Mary. These “apparitions” also lack a common plan between Jesus and Mary – the messages are erratic.

Some expressions used by these so-called “apparitions” are not theologically sound. In short, the messages of Marcos Thadeu Teixeira seem to spring from his own heart.

Private revelations may be accepted if they have been recognized by the Church, through Her legitimate representatives, our Holy Father the Pope and the Bishops. In the present case of the alleged apparitions at Jacarei, Brazil, no such recognition is granted and the messages of Marcos Thadeu Teixeira should not be considered as legitimate and worthy of faith on the part of the faithful. The apparitions are NOT part of Catholic dogma and creed.

With a special blessing,  

Bishop Dom Nelson Westrupp, SCJ,

President of the Regional Episcopal Conference South 1

CNBB, Diocese de S. Andre, Fevereiro 11, 2011

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The purported revelations, known variously as "the miracle of St. Joseph" or "The City of God-St. Joseph's Hill of Hope" were given to Frances Marie Klug, known as "Mother Frances" to her devoted followers, in Southern California beginning in 1967. The contents of the revelations are contained in a seven-volume series of books titled Stories from Heaven.

According to her devotees, Klug acts as the spiritual medium for Christ and the saints. Her voice is said to change when the heavenly personages are supposedly speaking through her. She is referred to as the "funnel" and "instrument" of heavenly teaching.

Unlike most private revelation, the "miracle of St. Joseph" boldly claims to be the source of new doctrinal revelation. The "miracle" is the heretofore unrevealed belief that St. Joseph is the incarnation of the Holy Spirit, as fully God as Jesus Christ. Furthermore, the Blessed Virgin Mary is also "part of the Divine."

The "revelations" have been condemned in the strongest possible terms by the bishops of the dioceses of Orange and San Bernardino as well as the archbishop of Los Angeles. Their joint statement of condemnation refers to the heretical doctrines espoused, the spurious revelations received, and characterizes the organization "St. Joseph's Hill of Hope-City of God" as independent of the Roman Catholic Church, its jurisdiction, and its favor.

Click here to read the condemnation signed by Timothy Cardinal Manning Archbishop of Los Angeles, Bishop William R. Johnson of Orange,  Bishop Phillip F. Straling of San Bernardino and Reverend Monsignor Joseph Pollard, Theologian of Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

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An ecumenical group known by the name of "Holy Love Ministries", Led by Maureen Sweeney Kyle, and also the "Missionary Servants of Holy Love" has been active in the Cleveland area for several years.  Earlier names associated with this group have been the "Our Lady Protectress of the Faith Movement", "Project Mercy" and "Mary's House of Prayer." They continue to seek funds to develop their center and support their effort.

Countless apparitions from “Jesus”, “Our Lady”, “St. Joseph” and a torrent of other “saints” are reported with messages that undermine the Catholic Church and money is made from the sale of the “Pro-Life Fetus / Teardrop Rosaries of the Unborn” which are produced by the group and "endorsed" by the alleged “Virgin Mary” to which certain promises are attached.

On November 11, 2009, the Bishop of Cleveland Richard Lennon released a letter containing disapproval of these alleged apparitions. The Bishops''s letter and official decree can be read on the Diocese of Cleveland website here You can also view a PDF of the decree here. Extracts of the text below:

At the request of the Holy See, I have been asked to examine and make a judgment on the activities of Holy Love Ministries. After consultation with a respected theological expert, and after attempts at dialogue with the leadership of Holy Love Ministries proved unsuccessful, for the good of the Christian faithful, I issue the accompanying decree. …

Having been directed by the Holy See to act definitively in the matter of the alleged apparitions to Maureen Sweeney Kyle; and Having reviewed the theological content of the alleged apparitions and locutions to Maureen Sweeney Kyle and having consulted an expert in this matter (c. 747, §2);

I, Richard G. Lennon, Bishop of Cleveland, hereby declare:

That the alleged apparitions and locutions to Maureen Sweeney Kyle are not supernatural in origin.

Forbid members of the clergy of any ecclesiastical jurisdiction to celebrate the sacraments on the site of Holy Love Ministries. (cc. 835, §1; 838, §4).

Admonish the faithful of the Diocese of Cleveland to cease gathering for any religious, liturgical, spiritual, or devotional purpose on the site of Holy Love Ministries. (cc. 212, §§1, 3; 214).

Declare that the Confraternity of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary is not an approved association of the Christian faithful in the Diocese of Cleveland and may not legitimately use the name "Catholic" or represent itself as a Catholic group (c. 216).

This decree takes effect immediately.

Given at the Chancery of the Diocese of Cleveland on this 11th day of November in the year of Our Lord 2009

+Richard G. Lennon

Bishop of Cleveland 

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